Sidewok Cafe

We offer the best Chinese, Thai, & vegetarian cuisines in town.


Serving Denver and Lakewood for over 18 years

Family owned and operated since 2000! We offer the best Chinese, Thai and vegetarian food in town. We only use the finest ingredients, 100% vegetable oil and of course, no MSG. Our recipes and love for authentic food come from old family traditions reaching all the way back to China. We have found the best combinations of taste and tradition form Thailand, China and Hong Kong and brought them here for you to enjoy.

Eat Healthy

We also recognize the difference between real vegetarian food, and food that just doesn't “have meat”. We understand that the foods, sauces and oils all need to be free of animal products and cooked separately to be truly vegetarian. This includes animals like fish and poultry. If we say it’s vegetarian, you can be confident that it’s actually, authentically, vegetarian.

We are proud to serve Denver and Lakewood the best Chinese, Thai, and vegetarian food around.